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Gen (first row, 8 from left)
Ane (second row, 6 from left)
On Back (written by Mary Shields):
Genevieve Kirwan Shields
Fron Row, from Left-to-Right, she is eighth in, white dress.
Her sister Ain is next row back, sixth-in from left side
F J Shields (b. 1924) thought this photo could have been of a church group, but possibly it was a school (catholic?) picture?

Guessing from clothes it is sometime between 1900 - 1920 ...
Kee counted the stars on the flag, and there's 48. So this has to be after 2/14/1912.
Kee thinks this an the next photo are from a church-related event in 1915.


James Kirwan (aka Bingo Pop) seated, second from left.
On Front
Bax?? Studio
This picture was taken at the same location as image #001, and likely within a day or so. If you examine the wrinkles in the flag, esp. the blue field, you'll notice that they match.


Chief, Dora
This is how the photo appears without any manipulation (this is a color image).


Chief, Dora
This is the same photo as image #003, but with some enhancement.



Joe Shields (Grandpop's brother, first row, second from left).
On Back (author in []):

[Gen Kirwan Shields]
This picture of Daddy's brother Joe was taken after Joe entered Army. He died in 1904 age 22 - [arrow] points to Joe

I don't think he was a full year in the army. Fran may have his army records.

[Mary Shields]
Photo is dated May 9, 1903
Joseph E Shields
b 1882- died 1904
He was Poppy Chief's (Francis James Shields) brother
(b. 1886 - died 1972)

Of the men seated on the steps, he is as indicated by Gen's Arrow, the man seated second from the left.



Norwalk, CT
Chief, Tommy Kirwan, Gen, ?, Dot Shields (with pumpkin basket), Ma Kirwan, Al Aiken, James Kirwan (Bingo Pop), Ane Kirwan, Aunt Theresa
Kee believes Chief defaced this picture for some reason. Fortunately, several copies were made before that occurred (see image #007). However, note how much clearer this picture is compared to 007.

On Back (author in []):
[Gen Kirwan Shields]
The family at Aunties
Nov 7 1920
Norwalk Conn.

[Mary Shields]
Left to Right: Poppy Chief (Face is gone!); Tommy Kirwan, Gen's younger brother; Gen (Kirwan) Shields; Mrs. Fisk (to Gen's left side); Gen's mother - Delia (O-Connor) Kirwan; Dorothy Marie Shields - the yound girl in front of Ma Kirwan; Alfred Aiken (is the young male child); James Kirwan (Grandma Gen's father); Aunt Ain (Angela Kirwan, Gen's sister); woman on far right is Gen's Aunt Theresa Kirwan Aiken.
Kee notes that if the woman on Gen's left is a neighbor, her name is Mrs. Fist, not Mrs. Fisk.


11/7/1920 Norwalk, CT Chief, Tommy Kirwan, Gen, ?, Dot Shields (with pumpkin basket), Ma Kirwan, Al Aiken, James Kirwan (Bingo Pop), Ane Kirwan, Aunt Theresa On Back:
Taken at Norwalk, Connecticut

Left to right -
F. J. Shields, Tom Kirwan, Gen Shields, ? , Delia and, James Kirwan with Dot Shields and [Al Aiken], Ane, Aunt Theresa.


?, Gen, Ane, Jack O'Brien
It's believed that this was taken at Ane's wedding to Jack.

On Back:
[Mary Shields]
Left to Right: Unknown gentleman, Genevieve Kiran, Ane Kirwan, her sister, unknown gentleman



94th and 5th Ave,
Brooklyn, NY
Dot (good luck finding her)
On Back:
Dedication of Monument at 94th & 5th
World War I - now known as Pigeon Park
Dot is in this picture.
It's now known as Fort Hamilton Triangle. Here is what that area looks like now, taken from a similar angle relative to the monument.



Chief (standing, on right)

On Back:
Carriers and sub Carriers of Bath Beach St. - H.
Brooklyn N.Y.
June- 1910

Left to right:
Fred Calnan (clerk
Louis Guttentag, Arthur Harris, Joe Hayden, Winnie Hayden, Bill Haynes, Chas. Saunders, ?-? F. Shields
?-?- Geo. Keiser Fred Schuler, "Sharkey", Billie Maude, Frank Goldberg, Adam Enders, Jim Mc[C]auley, Chas. Schilling, Chas. Hassler

[Mary Shields]
Post office carrier
FJ Shields said his father was not a postman for all that long.

Dad said that his father was on the far right, standing [points to name F. Shields in L-to-R description]



This clipping from the Brooklyn Eagle, dated 11/22/1953 was found in Gen's scrapbook. The handwriting appears to be hers. 

According to a letter from the Board of Education, Chief worked in the post office in various positions from 4/13/1909 - 4/15/1920.  He took the Civil Service exam in August of 1908, and received an offer letter to start on 4/13/09.

Since the caption indicates the picture was taken in 1904, it's not clear if Gen misidentified Chief, or if the 1904 date was incorrect, or even if Chief could have worked for the post office in '04 (he would have been 17 for most of that year).

There is an article in the Brooklyn Eagle dated 11/07/1913, concerning  Frank J. Shields being attacked by a dog at 86th St. & 3rd Ave. I assume this must be Chief.


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