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                  E. Shields
                  E. Shields
Joseph E. Shields
Joseph E. Shields
2PM, 11/23/1922 in Brooklyn NY
06/07/1991 in Brooklyn NY, Age 69
10/08/1949: Marilyn Ianuzzi
Francis James Shields Sr. ("Chief"), Genevieve Kirwan
Dorothy (Dot) Shields, Francis (Frank) J. Shields, Jr., Veronica (Ronnie) Shields, Genevieve (Vee) Shields, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Shields
Chris (Kee) Mary Shields, Veronica (Ronnie) Marie Shields, Kathryn Mary Shields, Loretta Patricia Shields, Joseph Edward Shields, Michael Francis Shields, Regina Shields
Other Relatives:

Fel Kazalski (girlfriend), Phil "Felix" Speciale, Gene Dembinski
Military History:

Enlistment Info

WWII Memorial Page


Personal History:
Joe married Marilyn Ianuzzi on 10/08/1949; they resided at 244 87th St.

Joe worked for the Post Office until he retired on ?.

On his off-time, Joe was a member of the "Off-the-field" club.
Notable Documents:
  • 496 - 07/16/1943 letter to Dot. Joe has 11 missions in, and he describes some of the Arab towns that he's visited. 
  • 602 - 02/06/1944 letter to Dot. 49 Missions completed. Asks Dot not to remember old times in letters; it makes it harder for him. 
  • 693 - 05/23/1944 letter to Dot. At Dot's request, Joe describes some of the missions he's been on and what his combat experiences have been like. What it's like to lose a buddy. 
  • 38 - 02/01/1945 letter to Frank. Joe's having trouble sleeping due to combat dreams; hoping mightily for a discharge, but unclear if he can get one. He weighs less than Frank now. He describes the kind of thoughts he'd have during a mission, and relates a story about some infantry men who were tasked with filling in on combat flights: they refused after just a few missions.
Birth: 205 Gelston Ave, Brooklyn NY

192? - 1933: 9612 3rd Ave.
1930 Census: Family on lines 42-48
1933 - 198?:  244 87th St.
1940 Census Page: Family on lines 62-70; Joe is on line 67. Vee is on a different page.

 06/23/1981 - 06/07/199: 28A Gatling Place
Other Info: family tree link

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