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Dorothy Shields Pelletier
Dot / Susie / Sister Susie
10AM, 09/08/1916, Brooklyn NY
09/13/1993, Maine, Age 77
01/24/1948: Leo Pelletier
Francis James Shields Sr. ("Chief"), Genevieve Kirwan
Joseph E. Shields, Francis (Frank) J. Shields, Jr., Veronica (Ronnie) Shields, Genevieve (Vee) Shields, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Shields
Other Relatives:

Jeanne Mahoney, Pat Pelletier, Maureen Pelletier, Michelle Pelletier
Mary Salerno, Billie Sherman, Mary Case, Eileen Touhey
Military History:
Enlisted in WAACs on 02/22/1943. Sent to Ft. Oglethorpe for basic training.
After completing Basic Training in April of 1943, Dot was assigned to WAC HQ at Ft. Oglethorpe to do classification work (assigning roles to recruits based on their experiences/skills). From mid-October to mid-December of 1943, Dot attended an 8-week classification course in Washington, PA at the Army Admin School. Upon completion, she returned to Ft. Oglethorpe where she was stationed until March, 1945. At that time, she was transferred to Welch Convalescent Hospital in Daytona Beach, FL. She left the Army in January, 1946.

Enlistment Info

Army Separation Qualification Record
In September, 1939, Dot was awarded a scholarship to Fordham University. She received a BA degree in Social Work from there.
Personal History:
While in the WACs, Dot met Leo Pelletier; they were married on 01/24/1948.
Notable Documents:
  • 666 - 04/24/1944 letter to Frank. Dot recalls the men in her life and how she felt/feels about them. Thoughts about love.
  • 700 - 06/06/1944 Letter to Gen & Chief. "D-Day" has arrived: Dot's thoughts about the beginning of the end of the war.
  • 24 - 07/09/1945 letter to Gen. Dot mentions that she's writing to Ed Foran, but is seeing Leo. She says she's written Ed off, but has she? She's not sure what Leo thinks her, but enjoys his company. She also mentions Auntie's encouraging her to get married. 
1918: 205 Gelston Ave, Brooklyn NY
1920 Census: Family on lines 17-19

1920: 628 90th Street
1922: Dora & Grandpop purchase 244 87th St. (Gen & Chief didn't live there yet).

192? - 1933: 9612 3rd Ave.
1930 Census: Family on lines 42-48
1933 - 1948: 244 87th St.
1940 Census Page: Family on lines 62-70. Dot on line 66; Vee is on a different page.

1948: 12 Central Ave, Sanford ME

1953-?: 27 Ellsworth St., Springvale, ME
Other Info: family tree link

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