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Francis J. Shields Sr.
12/6/1886, Brooklyn NY
12/15/1972, Hyde Park NY
09/15/1915: Genevieve Kirwan
Francis James Shields ("Grandpop"), Dora Murphy
Joseph Shields
Dorothy (Dot) Shields, Joseph E. Shields, Francis (Frank) J. Shields, Jr., Veronica (Ronnie) Shields, Genevieve (Vee) Shields, Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Shields
Other Relatives:


Military History:

Personal History:
He was baptized on 12/26/1886.

Starting in April of 1909, Chief worked for the Post Office.

In 1914, Chief was appointed an enumerator for the Census Board.

Chief married Gen Kirwan on 09/15/1915. 

Chief resigned from the Post office on 4/15/1920. He joined the Board of Education as an Attendance officer (aka Truant Officer) starting 1/5/1921. He retired from that position in January of 1957.

In the 1920's, Chief and Gen moved to 9612 3rd Ave. Sometime in 1933 they moved to 244 87th Street.

In later years, Chief developed what is now known as Alzheimer's Disease; he died on 12/15/1972.

Notable Documents:
  • 346 - Chief's 04/04/1943 letter to Dot. Chides Dot for always starting letters "Dear Mom", and kidding her about how neat and orderly the house will be when 3 trained soldiers return home. He also talks a bit about Dora's worsening dementia, and chats about goings-on with family and friends. 
  • 79 - Christmas Card to Frank on 12/15/1944. A nice, newsy note thanking Frank for his thoughts and telling him what's going on at home, particularly with respect to Uncle Tommy and photography, an interest Frank shares. More news about Grandpop and Dora.
  • 840 - Notes the Chief made in 1942/1943 concerning Dot, Joe & Frank's military service and visits home.
1892 Census: Family lines 20-23 (numbers not shown). No address given.

189? - ?:  89th St. & Fifth Ave.: 8905 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn NY
1900 Census: Family on lines 21-24
1905 Census: Family on lines 40-42

1915: 433 88th St. (from unscanned clipping of Gen's announcing their marriage)

1918: 205 Gelston Ave
1920 Census: Family on lines 17-19

1920: 628 90th Street
1922: Dora & Grandpop purchase 244 87th St. (Gen & Chief didn't live there yet).

?- 1933: 9612 3rd Ave.
1930 Census: Family on lines 42-48
1933 - Death: 244 87th St.
1940 Census Page: Family on lines 62-70. Vee is on a different page.
Other Info: family tree

11/07/1913 Brooklyn Eagle article on Chief being attacked by a dog.

Chief's draft registration from 1917.
Here is his draft registration from 1942. link

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