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Margaret Doyle Caliendo
Peggy, Peg, one of the "3 Sisters"
Julius Caliendo (1961)
Mother: Margaret (aka Hon)
Step-Father: Jim Haleran
Edward (Ed), Donald (Don)
Margaret Ann
Other Relatives:
Ann Campbell (Aunt)
Frank Shields (boyfriend), Fel Kazalski, Eileen Moran, John Acer, John Duffy, John Collon
Military History:

Graduated 06/22/42 from the Academy of St. Francis Xavier
Personal History:
Peggy, along with Fel Kazalski and Eileen Moran, formed the "3 sisters", of which there can be found many references in the letters section. In particular, Gen, Frank, Fel and Peggy often used the term.

Frank and Peggy were part of a larger group of friends that included Joe, Fel Kazalski, Eileen Moran and several others. Before early summer of 1943, Peggy's relationship to Frank seemed to be simply friends. Starting in June or July of 1943, Frank and Peggy seemed to become more of an "item". By April of 1944, Frank had asked Peggy to "wait for him" until after the war. The letters from around that time seem to imply it wasn't a full engagement, but that seems to be the interpretation nearly everyone else gave it, and within a few months even Frank and Peggy were speaking of it in those terms (or close to it).

Many of Peg's letters to Frank from 1945 mention their future marriage; similar references to them eventually getting married can be found in letters from Dot, Joe, Gen and Gene Dembinski.

Sometime after the war, Frank broke up with Peggy. According to a letter Frank wrote to Fel in 1994, she was unmarried when he had last heard of her around 1948 or 1949. But Fel told him that she did eventually get married and had 1 child. She died in February of 1984.

In 1961, Peggy married Julius Caliendo and has a daughter, Margaret Ann. Julius was born 2/3/1913 and died in January of 1977.

Notable Documents:
  • Photo Set 129 is a collection of photos contributed by Peggy's daughter and son-in-law, and includes a picture from her wedding in 1961 to Julius Caliendo.
  • Photo Set 38 shows all 3 members of the "3 sisters".
  • In letter 645, written 04/04/44, Peggy reiterates her "Yes" to Frank's request to wait for him after the war. The reference is a bit obscure, but is made clear by related letters such as 586, 655, and 708.
  • A number of her letters to Frank from near the end of the war, such as 66 written 09/19/45, have lipstick impressions on them.
1940: 1003 East 5th Street, Brooklyn NY
1940 Census Page: Lines 73-76
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