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Sherman, Joe

Shields, Frank

I received your letter and was very glad to hear from you. I would have answered sooner only I didn't get the chance. Your brother is right about it being no easy job to answer the mail.

You letter arrived in swell condition just as if you had it in an envelope. It wasn't even wrinkled or didn't show no signs of its travel. Your letter wasn't micro-filmed. I got a letter from a friend of mine in New Zealand and his letter was micro-filmed. Boy, that's a swell idea. I only got one page from him. I don't imagine you are permitted to write much. Boy, it really is tiny and you have to have good eyes to read it.

I rather that neighborhood paper every month than a five dollar bill. You'll probably see my name again in Eagle one of these days. I don't go for that stuff of sending in pictures. When they finally get Pollack in the Army that would be like him to send in his picture to some paper with the title - Pollack Joins Army - Now Doing His Part for Uncle Sam.

I hope to get S 1/C within the next two months. Then I'll be making more than I ever did with Royal. I have a course out on it and when I get time I study it a bit. The job I got is pretty alright. I'd like to make seaman first and lean all the things about it. It's real interesting and will probably prove helpful later on. They might give it to me because we do a lot of work with lines and stuff and probably pick up some fundamentals.

That secretary stuff sounds convincing. [Top of second page]

I got to give my letter atmosphere. After all I am a sailor and you expect that I'd be on a ship. So that accounts for my writing downhill from left to right. That's the ship rocking. All kidding aside, I usually write my letters while setting on my bunk. I lean the pad on my knees and that's what happens. But cann't you note an improvement in this letter.

I think I know what your brother means when he says you can't depend on anything in the army. I'll be coming up for my brother's ordination - April 27 if nothing happens. I don't know what I'd do if I was a civilian with things as they are. You know how I like to eat. You got the right idea. The only place you get a good meal now is in the service. I hope to see you when I'm home if you are around. Dan Miney's down Atlantic City and he's getting a weekend liberty when I'm home. John Hannon's is a M.P. on a pier in N.Y. My sister's boy friend is out on a trip. He expects to be home around April. He was somewhere around Austrailia as he states in one of his letters. He has been out about five months now. Really stepping. Dutch is still around. He is a good guy. I pray every night that they'll get Pollack but I'm afraid that's one prayer that will never get answered.

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