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Kazalski, Fel
Shields, Frank

March 3, 1942

Dear Frank,

Honestly, I don't know what else to do but forgive you, only heavens knows what for. With all that work plowing you under I could hardly say a word to you. You just didn't give me a chance. Mean! and here I was stewing for days. Oh Well .. Next time, maybe - huh?

I really  would enjoy the skate Saturday night ... or am I being optimistic when I say skate. I'm afraid this is one time we're in the same boat. We certainly will look a happy pair - holding each other up - or knocking em down. So at Saturday at 7:30

Now lets see ... since I've seen you last nothing really exciting has happened. I went to an opera Thursday night Ipegenia en Tauris at the Juliard School of Music. It was beautiful. Friday night I went to our singing club - Saturday Virginia (another girlfriend) came over and we completed our class prophecy. (from St. Francis) Tell you more about it Sat. night.

Sunday, Eileen, Peggy and I roamed around New York -- Riverside Church. - Grant's Tomb - St. Patrick's - a ride on a 5th Avenue bus - and wound up in the Automat as usual. We enjoyed ourselves too.

Almost forgot, Peggy got a job, Tuesday, in the Fidelity & Casualty Insurance Co. - 80 Maiden Lane. She's terribly happy about it.

Well times a fleein' or as we say in shorthand [shorthand notation]

Until Sat. nite then.

Bye Felicity

PS You figure it out I can't [refers to more shorthand notation]

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