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07/04/1945 Letter Roche, Don Shields, Frank

I guess I'd better introduce myself. I'm Bob Roche's brother, Don. I suppose you've heard a little of me from Bob.

You may wonder why I'm writing to you Frank. The fact is, that I'll always consider you as Bob's buddy. He wrote a lot of you and was pretty broken up when you were separated. I feel as though I already know you because of the frequent mention of you, by Bob, in his letters to me.

Mom said that you wrote to her a few times since we got the bad news. That was a swell gesture and we appreciate it.

Bob's personal things arrived home quite sometime ago. His diary went as far as Oct. I guess after that he didn't have time for anything extra.

From your address I gather that you got out of the Infantry and into communications. That was a break. Bob told us of how both of you tried to get out. He drove a truck before shoving off from Shenango. Then he went right back in the Inf.

I imagine you'll be on your way to the Pacific before too long. There'll no doubt have to be as many here as in Europe, in the end. Bob's Division is on its way home. I heard that over the news today. There's no sense in dwelling on how nice it'd be if he were with them still. They say that very few of the original men are left.

I guess I've said about all there is right now. I'm not much of a letter writer anyway. My object in writing was merely to let you know that I appreciate your having dropped a line to Mom. Also to let you know that your being a friend of Bob's makes you a friend of mine. I envy you for having been with him in the Army. I wish I could have been with him all the way.

Mom still has the picture of you and Bob, taken in the States.

So long and good luck Frank.

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