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03/11/1943 Letter Shields, Frank
Shields, Gen

Thurs, 9:45P.M.

Camp Upton.

Dear Mom:

Well, I hope that by now you've gotten the letters I sent yesterday. I went down to telephone you tonite, but there was about 100 other soldiers ahead of me, and it would have taken me an hour to put the call thru. Meantime, I was due back at quarters to pick up some trousers I had to have altered. So consequently I'm writing this note while waiting for the pants.

Everything went well today. I saw the Mickey Mouse Movies, was classified (don't know in what, but think it may be in the Signal Corps for photography or electricity), got my G.I. issue, which looks swell, and then took out $10,000 insurance and War Bonds (6.50 & 6.25 per. mo. respectively), and finally got my injections. They weren't bad, and I hardly felt them. But there is the natural consequence of a sore arm now; I had a slight headache but got rid of it.

You'd be surprised at how different we soldiers look and feel in uniform. Now that we're outfitted, we have only to do K.P. or special detail, and wait for our shipping orders. I hope they come thru soon.

The food continues to be good; and there's a helluva lot of it. I feel like a bloated pig after every meal. So I ought to put on some weight here in the army. So far, everythings going swell; I feel fine, and like being a soldier. I only hope I don't lose this feeling.

Gee, you should see my shoes (2 pr., size 9½); they're like canal boats with oars. And we've got "long John's," commonly called long underwear. Then there's leggings and 2 fatigue suits, and 4 hats & a plastic helmet; also a swell overcoat, a blouse, 2 summer tans (shirt, cap & trousers), 2 wool trousers, summer underwear, handkerchiefs, gloves, ties, socks, mess kit & canteen, comb, toothbrush and shaving kit, field jacket and an olive drab raincoat. By the way, the boys out here don't call it olive-drab; they name it "diarrhea brown."

When I got to the bottom of the first page, I was interrupted. It's now 11:15. So I guess I'll get to bed. They'll probably roll me out at 3:00 AM for about 17 or 19 hours of K.P.

Be good & keep smiling

As ever, Frank

P.S. When I get to my permanent camp I'm going to need that collapsible hanger we have, & my Vaseline Hair Tonic.

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