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Audio recordings of Shields family members have been found on two different media: cassette tapes and a home-recorded vinyl 78 RPM record.

The vinyl recording was made in 1948 by Frank, Jimmy Kirwan & others. It was recorded in or near Waterbury, CT and contains a skit on side 1 and a "discussion" on the flip side. The recording was made on a Wilcox-Gay recordio machine; it was recorded at 78 RPM and is about 4 ½ minutes in length.

The cassette recordings were made between 1969 and 1989 by various family members including Chief, Gen, Tommy Kirwan, Dot, Joe, Frank, Ronnie and Betty. The original impetus for the recordings was to record holiday messages for Christmas 1969 and then send them around to other family members, who were encouraged to add their own message before passing it on. 

You can use the table below to either play the recordings or to download them to your local computer.

Quick Instructions:

The audio recordings were divided into a number of segments. Each segment is shown in the table below on a separate line. Each line contains information about the segment: Title of the segment, date of recording, duration, Location where it was recorded and the identities of those whose voices can be heard on the recording. The last field contains both a short description of the recording and the audio controls.

The audio controls should allow you to play the recording, pause it and to control the volume. You can also use the slider to jump around the recording if you need (for instance, to go back a few seconds). You can also download the track in most browsers by right-clicking the audio control bar and selecting "Save File as ..." or "Download Audio As ..." or something similar (the message will vary depending on OS and Browser).

I recommend that you play only one audio at a time ... it'll get confusing otherwise!

For some recordings, a transcript is available. Those recordings which have a transcript have a link to the document from the title of the segment.  Click on the title to see the PDF in a separate tab.

Email Jay (or call) if you have any problems or questions!
Shields Salami Hour
Vinyl 78 RPM record
Waterbury, CT
This is a skit put on by Frank, Jimmy Kirwan and Jack ???. The recording is scratchy, and the voices are done with fake accents, so it can be hard to understand. 

The recording was made on a vinyl-coated steel 78 RPM record;

A transcript is available. An image of the label can be seen here.

Round Table discussion after Salami Hour
Vinyl 78 RPM record 01/31/1948 4:29
Waterbury, CT Frank, Jimmy Kirwan
These are the "actors" using their normal voices making the second side recording. Unfortunately, there are several skips in the recording towards the end.

A transcript is available. An image of the label can be seen here.

Party at 244
November? 1969
244 87th St, Brooklyn NY
Chief, Joe, Tommy Kirwan, Regina Shields, Jean St. Jacques, Betty, Joe Shields, Frank, Gen, Marilyn
A party at 244 87th St. in Brooklyn. Joe addresses the tape to Dot. Chief plays the concertina, while Joe and various others sing. 

Joe reads Epistle
Cassette 1/18/1970
244 87th St, Brooklyn NY Joe
Joe does a practice reading of a Pauline Epistle to the Romans.

The date given is approximate: Joe's practice reading is for the second Sunday after the Epiphany, which for 1970 would be 1/18. Presumably, this was recorded earlier. Since Gen references this track when speaking to Dot, it may have been recorded as early as November of 1969.

Gen's letter to Dot
Cassette November?  1969 4:31
244 87th St, Brooklyn NY Gen
Gen's voice message to Dot. She describes the contents of the tape along with the difficulties of scheduling eye surgery for Chief given that weddings are planned for Kathy Daly and Kee in December and January.

A transcript is available.

Gen & Chief
Cassette November? 1969 2:49
244 87th St, Brooklyn NY Gen, Chief
Addressed to Dot, Gen and Chief reminisce. Chief relates a story about someone he met who had known/heard of Dot.

A transcript is available.

Frank's Intro
Cassette December 1969
11 Bellaire Dr, Scotia NY
Frank describes the reasons for the tape recordings and events of the past year.

A transcript is available.

Opening Presents at Bellaire Dr.
Cassette 12/25/1969
11 Bellaire Dr, Scotia NY Frank, jls, Jay, Leo, Mary, Dory
Opening presents on Christmas Day in Scotia, NY.

Prayer and Dinner
Cassette 12/25/1969
11 Bellaire Dr, Scotia NY Frank, jls, Jay, Leo, Mary, Dory
Frank leads a prayer, followed by Christmas dinner.

Christmas Play
Cassette December 1969
9 Bellaire Dr, Scotia NY Mary, Dory, Koehne's
The girls put on a play. According to Frank's wrap-up, this was recorded at the Koehne's house, next door to 11 Bellaire.

Frank's Wrap-up
Cassette January 1970
11 Bellaire Dr, Scotia NY Frank
Frank's closing comments and season wishes.

A transcript is available. The letter Frank reads from Mary to Santa Claus can be found here.

Reply from Pelletiers
Cassette January 1970?
Sanford, ME
Dot, Leo, Jean
Dot & family's response to the audio "letters".

Mary's later additions
Cassette 1971
23 Ashley Drive, Ballston Lake NY Mary
Mary makes 2 later additions to the tape.

Gen's Last Day
Cassette 9/1/1989
23 Ashley Drive, Ballston Lake NY Ronnie, Frank
Frank's recording of Ronnie's call to him on the day Gen died. At the time of the call, Gen hadn't passed yet, but would soon.

A transcript is available.

Genealogy Discussion
Cassette Late 1970's?
244 87th St, Brooklyn NY Joe, Gen, Frank, Betty
The family gathers in Brooklyn to go over what's known (and unknown) about the family tree.

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